Over on my Tumblr I am asking the question, “Who is your favorite superhero?” I would love your input as to who is your favorite and why they make the cut. Whatever small or big reason – it doesn’t matter. I want to hear from you!
This is an inspiration for an upcoming blog about my views on superheros so all feedback will be valuable!

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  1. Love the image! My favourite superhero has always been Spider-Man because I like the idea that his DNA is altered making him genetically superior. I think I also like that his character paints spiders in a positive light by taking all of their good traits (indestructible web shooting at your will, climbing walls, super-strength and forewarning of future events also known as “Spidey-sense”) and neglecting the negative ones – they’re the most disgusting creatures to walk the planet. They have an unnatural amount of eyes and legs and they build webs that my face then destroys. Anyways, I’m also a fan of X-men for similar reasons. The idea of having a mutation at birth is even better. Just highlights the fact that you’re awesome. Each mutant having their own special mutation which matches personality to a degree is amazing. Really makes you think what yours would be?


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